Debris Lawsuit against NASCAR

A look at the flying debris lawsuit against NASCAR



It’s difficult to put into words exactly what it’s like to attend a NASCAR race in person.


The speed of the vehicles racing is absolutely insane (which pretty much goes without saying), but the athleticism of these drivers is on full display as they pilot these heavy-duty pieces of automobile machinery down the course at speeds well north of 200 miles an hour – always just a few inches (or less) away from one another.


Feeling the hum, the throb, and the pounding of these vehicles as they went past you is something that has to be experienced in person to really understand. And for millions and millions of Americans each year that enjoy everything NASCAR brings to the table, getting the chance to head down to Daytona – even if it isn’t for the world-famous Daytona 500, but for one of the other places held at this legendary speedway – it’s the event of the year and something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.


Unfortunately for some spectators, the crashes that can be all too common in these high-speed races become a little bit more personal for them as well – as was the case in 2013 at Daytona when a multi-car crash on the track through debris into the stands and caused a significant injury to Allen Davis.


Sitting in the upper deck of the Daytona bleachers, Davis was enjoying the race when the accident happened – an accident that left racer Kyle Larson’s car flying airborne into the catch fence designed to keep debris away from the crowd when these kinds of multicar pileups go sideways.


Somehow, a huge chunk of debris flew into the grandstands and injured more than 30 different spectators – but Davis was the most significantly injured of the bunch. A heavy piece of debris (that isn’t described any more completely than that in the court documents and filings) struck Davis in the head and caused catastrophic and traumatic brain injuries that have negatively impacted his life since that moment on.


Representatives for Davis decided to move forward with a lawsuit, but before things could progress too far along in the court proceedings NASCAR chose to settle with Davis and his legal representative team. The attorneys for Davis were ready and aggressively pushing for depositions with a number of the drivers involved in the race and the accident in specific, it appears that NASCAR had zero interest putting some of the most popular and marketable drivers up on the stand and paraded in front of a courtroom.


Details regarding the settlement amount, it’s payout plan, or anything else associated with the settlement – aside from the fact that a settlement has been reached in the first place – are fuzzy. NASCAR isn’t speaking about the specifics of the settlement (for obvious reasons), and the attorneys and Davis himself aren’t speaking about the details of the settlement either.


It’s unlikely that the radio silence from both sides of the settlement regarding this element is going to break any time soon.



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